CHiP the Robot Dog Review

Growing up with a dog is one of the joys of childhood. However, pets also require a lot of responsibility and care that some families don’t want. This CHiP the robot Dog review will show you how your family can have the best of both worlds – lots of fun with little fuss!

I remember several years ago when my daughters wanted a pet so badly, but we couldn’t get one. Instead, they collected responsive pets that made realistic sounds and movements when someone stroked their fur. They were so happy to have their own furry companion to play with around the house! My husband and I liked the fact that these pets didn’t need food or trips to the vet.

Fast forward to 2016 – now we have CHiP, a lovable robot dog that does so much more than the interactive toy pets of the past. So much comes in this little package! Click on the video here to see him in action.


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